Magdalena Kopańska

Krzysztof Zygadlo iridologist, dietician, coach

Magdalena Kopańska

Rating: Very good5

I am very satisfied with the conducted exam. The exam was very detailed.

Dyczka Jozef

Krzysztof Zygadlo iridologist, dietician, coach

Dyczka Jozef

Rating: Very good5

The information obtained after my eye exam were in accordance to the actual state of my organism.

Iridology Self-examination

We may examine ourselves by illuminating the eye from the side using a light source with a concentrated beam. We must remember not to use a laser light source for this purpose, as it may damage the eye sight. It's best to stand in front of a well illuminated mirror and illuminate the eye. Of course we will not obtain a full diagnosis, but we are able to check a few basic problems.

A full diagnosis requires great experience and knowledge of iridology maps. Only an experienced iridologist indicate and organ or specific affliction, and on the basis of this diagnosis, he may recommend a further course of action and which exact tests should be conducted.

The Pupil is an Important Element

In the right condition, the pupils of both eyes are found within the centre of the iris, are even, round, and react to light; that is, they become narrow under the influence of strong illuminate and expand in the dark.

Various Health Problems Cause Certain Changes in the Pupils:

  • Uneven pupils may indicate neurological and ophthalmological afflictions; Warning: a still and narrow or widened pupil accompanied by pain and reddening requires an immediate ophthalmological consultation.

  • Movement of the pupil from the centre of the iris in the direction of its circuit indicates disturbances in the sector from which it is moving away from.

  • The flattening of the border of the pupil occurs in the sector in which the projection poles of the ill organ are found.

  • Disfiguration of the oval pupil is a sign of disturbance in the blood supply to the brain caused by changes in the blood vessels. Often, these changes are related to difficulties in the circulation of blood in the cervical arteries, and thus may indicate the risk of stroke.

  • Widening of the pupils in physiological conditions is the effect of a boost to the sympathetic nervous system in mobilized states of the organism (aggression, fear) or the effect of medicine which widens the pupils. But the widening of both of the pupils may also be a symptom of severe damage to the brain in the case of trauma to the head.

  • Narrowing of the pupils may be caused by a boost to the sympathetic nervous system as well as paralysis. It is also characteristic of all types of poisoning (after narcotics, for example).

  • Changes in the colour of the pupil occurs in afflictions of the eyeball and requires ophthalmological consultation.


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